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Our Mission

Provide quality mental and holistic health care services for people living with complex trauma who are under-insured, marginalized, disenfranchised, and struggling with severe financial hardship.


Through mutual aid redistribution, we subsidize the costs related to traditional and alternative forms of treatment for complex trauma.

Our Values


Community Care

  • We will provide radical care for our community by increasing access for adults living with CPTSD for their comprehensive care through our re/PAIR ACTION fund. 

  • We disrupt power dynamics inherent in our shared lives through collective care intentionally woven into all aspects of y/our part/icipation.


Since 2019 we have used our organization’s crowdfunding to redistribute funds to people living with complex trauma within our cervCircle constellation and beyond.


Over 100 individuals have been able to access the long term whole-istic health care needs they desired to support their healing process from complex trauma while compensating our participating providers justly and fairly.

blue cervcoalition logo with 2 women using speaker microphones and a man holding up a sign that says justice 4 all

Over 1000 hrs of therapy subsidized

A Note From Our Founder

 Angelica Pinna-Perez, Ph.D 

Together we are co-creating a different way to access liberatory healing...


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A Note From Our Founder

Together we are co-creating a different way to access liberatory healing. Healing center engagement with ourselves, each other, and the planet demands we reclaim our collective power from the systems that continue to fail us.  We choose to 'cerv' ourselves, each other, and the planet  through a liberatory one health approach with the hope of supporting thriving with, through and beyond trauma.

The Cervitude Coalition Inc is an offers a new way to participate in internal & external r/evolution by increasing access to the complex care needs healing centered living deserves.

We believe we are responsible for the well-being of y/ourselves (individually), y/our communities and y/our planet. We have the response/ability (ability to respond) to the ongoing struggles living in y/our shared society imposes. We remember, reckon and re-imagine  for collective liberation from oppression, pain and suffering. 

  • 25 yrs of therapeutic, clinical & community support experience.

  • 15 yrs of co-creating space for unlearning and undoing traditional colonial therapy practices of healing.

  • 10 yrs of experience teaching in higher education. 

  • 8 yrs of living with multiple acute stressors compounding a lifetime of living with complex trauma  

  • 4 yrs of coordinating multiple endeavors and co-creating y/our system of care that are all endeavors within the Cervitude Circle 

My lived experiences, professional and personal, have shaped my commitment to co-create this organization. I am hopeful you will join us in decolonizing the industrial complexes’ we exist with/in through healing centered engagement for collective liberation as we fight for our lives and those of our descendants.  

In solidarity, always and in all ways,

Angelica Pinna-Perez, Ph.D

Cervitude Coalition Inc.
Contact Information for General Inquiries


Cervitude Coalition Inc

(EIN) 84-2193971

Call & Email

Phone: 617-249-3297

97 Central Street, Unit 403 B

Lowell, MA 01852

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