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Access Low-Cost Care

Need funds for therapy? 

Thank you for your interest in our voucher program which is now closed for the rest of the 2023 year in order to maintain long term funding for current participants.

 Please help us raise funds for the 2024 funding cycle here

and check back for more information on when we will open up applications.

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“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

- audre lorde

Voucher Information & Application

Inspired by multiple endeavors (past and present) of mutual aid to increase affordable care access and disability justice, this is our offering for financial support for long term care for complex trauma if you are uninsured or functionally underinsured. 

We believe clients should have the choice to work with someone with a similar experience to their intersectional identity:


  • Someone they can identify with and internalize. 

  • Someone who looks like them. 

  • Someone who speaks their language. 

  • Someone who honors the psycho-social-political environment and its immediate impact on inter-personal and intra-psychic dynamics. 

  • Someone who knows collective liberation is our ultimate goal.

How it Works

In order to participate, both clients and providers subsidize the voucher initiative with a $10 monthly donation. Each month you (as a pair) are eligible to receive 2 vouchers of $65 for a total of $130 paid directly to your provider for the service of your whole-istic care.

re/Pair Action Fund

By utilizing our re/PAIR ACTION fund, a client “pays” $10 for up to $130 of treatment vouchers per month which can subsidize upwards of 100% of the total cost of treatment depending on your chosen provider's sliding scale rate. 

The participating provider invoices our non-profit for the vouchers, effectively getting paid $130 for 2 sessions (after their monthly contribution of $10). The use of these vouchers are encouraged for use in low cost sessions billed at $65 per session so clients have no out of pocket cost for services.

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Individuals Requesting Mutual Aid

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Practitioners Interested in Participating

Practitioner Collaboration

Interested in working as an independent practitioner in our coalition? Want to incorporate social activism into your private practice? We want to support you.


Choosing to work with us means you are dedicated to our vision and interested in working with individuals living with complex trauma long term.  You and your paired client will be supported as long as it takes.  Terms and Conditions apply. 

Coalition whole-istic health care practitioners must: 

  • Align with our mission and vision for accessible/affordable long term treatment (mental and holistic health services) accepting $65 per session for adult individual sessions to cover your low cost rate in full or subsidize part of your private pay sliding scale cost.

  • Must be part of an underrepresented group in your respective profession with an active license to practice therapy in the state you are providing services.

  • You maintain your autonomy regarding how you clinically support clients using the voucher program.

  • Must have your own liability insurance.

  • Provide the coalition with a W-9. 

  • Contribute $10 per month to the fund.

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Our Goal

We are mobilizing to double the single voucher from $65 to $130 per session for up to 48 sessions per year.

Help us get there by donating today!

Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship is a legal relationship through which a 501(c)3 public charitable organization sponsors an individual or group that requires the benefits of the tax-exempt and legal status of the sponsoring organization to realize a project. Artists often need this tax-exempt status to apply for grants (since most foundations require it to distribute funding) or to fundraise from individuals who prefer to be able to claim their financial contributions as deductions on their taxes.

Sign Language Course

Are you desiring fiscal sponsorship? We offers grant-specific fiscal sponsorship to fund artist-led health and wellness projects by an individual, teams, or collective. We accepts grants and tax-exempt donations on behalf of the project and then distributes those funds to the project. The individual, team or collective is responsible for their own accounting and bookkeeping for those funds. We do not assume any legal or fiduciary responsibility for the project.


This sponsorship does not offer tax-deductible status for external contributions through a crowdfunding platform or fundraising events. The fee for grant specific fiscal sponsorship is 7% of your grant or gift amounts. 

Cervitude Coalition Inc.
Contact Information for General Inquiries


Cervitude Coalition Inc

(EIN) 84-2193971

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Phone: 617-249-3297

97 Central Street, Unit 403 B

Lowell, MA 01852

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